Why is lightning so bad in South Carolina?

There are numerous thunderstorms in South Carolina. Thunderstorms easily develop from the moisture in the atmosphere. As temperatures heat in the afternoon, there is a lot of energy for thunderstorms to use up, to produce excessive lightning.

Lightning strikes can be fatal and have devastating effect on your property.  A single discharge of lightning near a power supply can cause irreparable damage.

However, now there are devices that can protect you from lightning.  A lightning protection system can protect a structure from a direct lightning strike.

A lightning protection system consists of air terminals or lightning rods that are positioned strategically where lightning is most likely to strike. A lightning protection system is designed to intercept lightning and to provide a path to the lightning strike to the ground.

Install a lightning protection system is not a DIY job.  It has to be designed and installed by a certified technician.

Installing a lightning protection system from Gorman Lightning Protection will ensure that your property and occupants are safe from the devastating effects of lightning.

At Gorman Lightning Protection we have trained technicians who have the knowledge and experience to install your lightning protection system; in a safe, competent and efficient manner.

Our lightning protection technicians have the competence and experience to install lightning protection systems for a wide range of market sectors; including residential, commercial, government, industrial, manufacturing, transportation, barns, trees and more.