Lightning Protection Solutions, North Carolina

Safeguard Your Residential and Commercial Property and Barns and Trees from a Costly Lightning Strike

Every year, numerous properties are damaged or destroyed by lightning. Lightning accounts for billions of dollars in property damage in North Carolina. North Carolina experiences the highest amount of lightning  as it is near the water. North Carolina has more damage from lightning than it has from tornadoes, hurricanes and floods.

Gorman Lightning Protection provides professional lightning protection installations, repairs, and recertification services. Our Lightning Protection Sector is fully-licensed, bonded, and insured with many years of experience protecting buildings from the risks of a direct or indirect lighting strike.

Here at Gorman Lightning Protection Rods, we offer a variety of Lightning Protection systems and services to help you protect from lightning strikes. From a residential property, a condominium, a barn or a tree to an entire office complex, data center or a mall we have the lightning protection system to keep you protected.

Gorman Lightning Protection

Gorman Lightning Protection is a leader at providing lightning protection system throughout the state of North Carolina, South Carolina, Northern Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Illinois and more.  We also provide lightning protection throughout United States.  Our certified engineers design, install and maintain lightning protection systems. Contact us today.  All estimates are free. Our rates are competitive. Please call us at 800-786-1136 to consult with us.